Cannulated Products

Cannulated materials are commonly used in the manufacture of intramedullary rods and pedicle screws for the fixation of bone fractures or securing implanted products. This unique product can also be used for catheters and other instruments frequently used in the medical device industry. For intramedullary rods, the central hollow promotes marrow regrowth. For bone fracture applications, a Kirschner wire may be fed through the hollow to provide fixation and traction at each end of the implant. Commonly stocked cannulated products are listed below. Contact us for specific grades or sizes. We are experts at sourcing cannulated bar as well as any other material that can be centerless ground.



Outside diameters can be ground to various sizes upon request. If the I.D. desired is listed, but the O.D. is not and falls under the maximum stocked O.D., Banner Medical may be able to grind to the desired O.D. size required. Please contact us for more information.